What Is Mediation?

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Alright, So, you want to know- What is Mediation?

That’s a great question!

Hi, My name is Dave Hilton…I am a Mediator, Conflict Coach and the host of the Conflict Specialists Show. And in this video I’m going to answer your question about Mediation!

So, let’s start with a simple definition…

At its core…Mediation is…a structured discussion where an impartial person…known as a mediator…helps you reach an agreement with someone else.

Mediation is a form of what’s known as ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Types of ADR include Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration, Facilitation and several others…

But there’s a lot more about Mediation we still need to talk about.

One of the things about Mediation that confuses people is knowing who makes the decisions. In court, a judge decides who wins and who loses…but a Mediator is NOT a judge. Mediators do not make decisions during a Mediation…or take sides.

Here’s a really unique way to look at it…just think of a mediator as a Human GPS. But instead of helping you navigate roads, accidents and construction…a Mediator helps you navigate difficult conversations, conflict and communication.

A mediator uses their special skills, training and knowledge to help you find a path to an agreement…one that everyone is satisfied with. If you decide you don’t like the way the conversation is going at any point…you can take a different direction. And just like an electronic GPS adapts to help you find a different route – a good Mediator will adapt to help you identify new paths to a possible agreement.

– Mediation is Confidential *few exceptions

– Mediation is Voluntary and gives YOU control of the outcome

– Mediation is usually Faster & Costs less than Litigation

– Mediation is Balanced and Fair

According to the American Arbitration Association, 85% of all Mediation results in a settlement.

Mediation is successfully used, everyday, by Couples, Families, Businesses, Government, the Courts, Religious and Non-Profit Organizations, Schools, Communities, and people just like you.

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