My Story

Why Dave Hilton Created Resolution Stream

the short version…

The reason I created Resolution Stream is to help others avoid the frustrations with disagreements, arguments & conflict I experienced early on in my own career.

Hey there, I’m Dave Hilton. I help entrepreneurs, executives, educators, influencers, teams & other ambitious professionals learn POWERFUL Conflict Resolution SKILLS.

It’s still hard to admit, but my first experience in a high-level leadership role was a complete disaster!

While I had mastered all the technical skills needed for the position, there wasn’t a manual to help me learn how to go from just being a member of a highly competitive team of creative people to successfully leading a highly competitive team of creative people.

Under my leadership, the team was very successful in executing operational plans, exceeding goals and even winning awards. But, I was stumbling around making mistake after mistake by not listening, communicating, inspiring, or empowering my team.

They were miserable & I was oblivious!

So, despite our success (at least, on the surface), almost all of them quit because of the invisible interpersonal cancer that was festering & growing uncontrollably all around us.

That massive career failure was incredibly frustrating.

But, it motivated me to learn as much as I could about Conflict Resolution, Communication, Negotiation & Leadership.

I promised myself, I would NOT make the same mistakes again!

That eventually lead to me earning a Master’s degree in Dispute Resolution (with a focus on cross-cultural and generational conflict in the workplace) from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX. Go Mustangs!

Resolution Stream merges my 20+ years of broadcasting & management experience with nearly a decade of Conflict Resolution consulting, coaching & training into what I like to call, “nuggets of knowledge for your noggin’ ” – using live streams, webinars, video interviews, online courses, video conferencing & other video-on-demand (VOD) content.

**NOTE: Want to see the LONG version of my story? You can find it right here.**


Now, to be absolutely transparent and set clear expectations:

I’m not trying to be one of those elusive online “experts” or claim to have knowledge, education or experience that you can’t verify.

I encourage you to look me up on LinkedIn or to view my listing on, to see that I am who I say I am, I’ve done what I say I’ve done and that my connections, endorsements & professional affiliations are accurate.

I am also an active member of both the International Association for Conflict Management and the Texas Association of Mediators.

(Disclaimer: my membership in the professional organizations listed above does NOT constitute a personal endorsement by those organizations.)


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