Need IMMEDIATE Help To Resolve Or Manage A Disagreement, Argument Or Conflict?!SCHEDULE A "CONFLICT EMERGENCY" CALL!

Feeling the pressure?!

SCHEDULE A 30-Minute “CONFLICT EMERGENCY” Call With Dave Hilton

What do you do if you find yourself facing a rapidly escalating disagreement, argument or conflict with a coworker, boss, vendor, customer or client that needs to be resolved or managed RIGHT NOW?!

Perhaps you’ve been assigned an extremely short negotiation deadline or other time-sensitive tricky situation that requires IMMEDIATE attention & action?!

I mean, as an entrepreneur, executive or other ambitious professional – you probably already know, sometimes, the unexpected happens! When that time comes, it’s important to have access to someone who can help you QUICKLY formulate a strategy, identify options and create a step-by-step plan to guide you through it!

So, let’s work on your problem together – Schedule a 30-Minute CONFLICT EMERGENCY Call RIGHT NOW (only $197)!

Booking an exclusive 30-Minute CONFLICT EMERGENCY Call (for just $197) puts YOU right at the TOP of my schedule — with special times only available for these calls (possibly even in the next 30 minutes)!

I mean, if it’s an emergency, we need to start working on it as soon as possible, right?!

During the call we will conduct what’s known as a STAR conflict assessment:

  • S – discuss the situation (i.e. background, timeline, issues, etc.)
  • T – formulate required tasks (i.e. research, strategy, planning, etc.)
  • A – devise necessary actions (i.e. offers, tactics, behavior, etc.)
  • R – identify potential results (i.e. ideal outcomes, walk away points, constraints, etc.)

Let’s talk! Schedule your 30-Minute CONFLICT EMERGENCY Call RIGHT NOW (for just $197)! Choose your call time, fill out the booking form, submit your payment & we’ll be talking before you know it!