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Navigating The Conflict Continuum

Workplace Conflict rests on a rising continuum – a Conflict Continuum.

It’s kind of like an escalator – when you start at the bottom (minor conflicts), it’s easier for you to turn around and get off using Conflict Resolution processes – you are still in control.

But, the higher you go (major conflicts), the harder it is to turn around and climb back down, because of all the people now pushing you from behind (HR, bosses, attorneys, etc.) – you lose control.

In this LIVE Resolution Stream video, Dave Hilton describes his Conflict Continuum model and how the escalation of Workplace Conflict can be engaged and navigated in a healthy, productive and constructive way.

What Is Mediation (2020 Update)

Did you have a meeting with someone in HR, an ombudsman or an attorney and they recommended you use MEDIATION to resolve a conflict, dispute, or other problem with your boss, coworker, client or someone else at work?

And now you just want to know – what in the world is MEDIATION?

This Resolution Stream video from Dave Hilton is going to answer that question for you.

What Is Conflict Resolution?

Ever come across the terms Conflict Resolution, Conflict Management, Dispute Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and wondered…

What does that even mean? What IS Conflict Resolution?

In this LIVE Resolution Stream video, Dave Hilton answers your question about Conflict Resolution and introduces you to other essential forms of Conflict Communication, such as Facilitation, Negotiation, Mediation, Neutral Evaluation, Arbitration and explains where those processes live on what’s known as the Conflict Continuum.


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Oldies but Goodies!

Watch These Archived Streams

Merging Anger Management and Conflict Resolution with Eileen Lichtenstein

With the current racial, economic, political & health concerns sweeping the U.S., a lot of people are just plain ANGRY! And, rightfully so. In this archived episode of the Conflict Specialists Show, which is more relevant than ever, Dave interviews Eileen Lichtenstein about Merging Anger Management & Conflict Resolution.

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Mediation, Arbitration and Diversity with Marvin E. Johnson

The Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution at Bowie State University was the first Dispute Resolution Center in the U.S. founded at a Historically Black College or University. In this archived episode of the Conflict Specialists Show, Dave interviews the Center’s Executive Director, Marvin E. Johnson, about Mediation, Arbitration & Diversity.

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Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument with Dr. Ralph Kilmann (Kilmann Diagnostics)

Did you know that people typically use one of five distinct conflict styles? In this archived episode of the Conflict Specialists Show, Dave interviews Dr. Ralph Kilmann (Kilmann Diagnostics) about the conflict styles and using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument to determine your personal style.

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